He could spend hours looking through design and architecture magazines. The thought that at the age of thirty “he is still living” (as he put it himself) in a rented house haunted his mind. Once he got to know that some friends ofa friend are selling a land lot in the valley of the Setun river. «This is my chance», — thought Maxim, and the next day he went to see the potential estate.

When Maxim reached the place, he was extremely puzzled. The land lotappeared to be narrow and long, located on a sidehill, and the entrancewas quite inconvenient. Moreover, land parcel documents had been lost.But the place itself seemed ideal for the future house: a quiet area just a few dozens of miles from the capital — it was exactly what Maxim wanted.

To make a conscious decision
Maxim turned to me for advice

The potential site immediately evoked my professional interest.
It definitely had a very good location, utility systems accessibility,
mature trees on the territory, but what was the most important
is the way the land lot was located on the terrain, its upper
point provided a breathtaking view of the river valley, — these were
the advantages obvious for a specialist but often underestimated
by the future owners.
Having considered all pros and cons, we decided to buy the land lot.

The advantages which the land lot had were obvious
The detailed project development started

We located the house on the land lot in the way that its windows and terraces would face the river. The height of the building was limited by the existing houses around, so I recommended using a flat roof. A lot of attention was given to energy efficiency issues.

I also advised to design to layout using the principle of open spaces. Maxim liked the idea. Then we found the individual solutions aimed at comfortable living of all family members. For instance, the project presupposed walk-in closets in children’s rooms, a private guest zone with a separate bathroom and a staff room.

The construction process was divided into small steps

We decided to do without a primary contractor. For every type of work we invited companies with a field-specific expertise. To cut on the expenses and optimize the budget the roof, the windows and the doors were ordered directly from producers.

A special attention during organization of work was made to preserve the existing landscape and the trees. As a result one of the pine-trees became an element in the architecture of the mansion.

It took Maxim a long time to decide upon the interior

As a preliminary option I suggested painting all walls in one color. In a year after Maxim and his family moved in, I recommended foreign designers to Maxim and their professionalism let the house gain its finished appearance.

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The new house has everything
that a large and hospitable family needs.

Nowadays Maxim’s large and hospitable family has everything they need for life. The former “weird” land lot turned into an organized natural landscape, and the new house became a cozy home, a real family nest, where one can feel happy every day, admiring the scenery and seeing sunrises and sunsets.

It is the meaning of my profession to create houses for living
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