A house is primarily a place for living; it must be comfortable and convenient in service. But the construction of private real estate is always connected with certain risks. A person who has decided to have a house built usually faces three fundamental problems: it is long, it is expensive and the quality is low. Needless to say, the issues connected with the use of a house and its utility systems can be discovered many years after commissioning.


I divide integrated construction projects into three stages:
  • pre-project preparation;
  • construction;
  • commissioning.

Project development starts with a detailed study of your lifestyle. We analyze your needs and wishes, only then we move on to the detailed elaboration of the concept of your house and the requirements to its location. As the pre-project preparation stage is completed, we obtain an architectural vision of the future site, an action plan and an indicative construction budget.


The construction stage presupposes the implementation of the concept into reality. It is a laborious, but short stage, and thus it needs constant involvement in the process. Organization of work and progress and quality control guarantee that your future house will be exactly the way you want to see it.


The third and final stage consists in commissioning the house which has been built. All utility systems are tested and the documents necessary for comfortable living in a new house are prepared. Each house must have a manual, which mentions everything starting from a tone of the paint used for the garage and finishing with the service requirements for its heating system.

You are the person who should make the key decisions

The task of the construction process supervisor is to help you make conscious decisions. A professional must be able to foresee what this or that decision can result in at the scale of the whole project and to save you from making a mistake.

For me every project is a new heirloom, a family heritage which is created here and now right in front of your eyes, so my personal expert quality requirements as to all stages of work are very high.